Why Is It So Difficult To Love Ourselves?

I think that the greatest conundrum we humans face is the conflict between who we really are and who we think we are. This conflict exists primarily on two levels – the human and the spiritual and I will address both. At the human level we are either unsure or are already convinced that we are unworthy. This is whoRead more

Coping With Life

You do not love yourself for reasons – centuries old reasons. Let’s look at life and see where those came from. The first thing that happens is that life presents you with a situation (an opportunity), to move to greater compassion. Many times you will resist doing that because it conflicts with the way you see yourself. Stepping into thisRead more

Principles To Live By

Principles To Live By

By Ross Bishop Occasionally I get asked what principles guide my life. I have a number of them, but I had never collected them in one place until now. I suspect that deeply holding any one of these concepts would probably change your life. These are not in any particular order, except the first three. 1. LOVE EVERYTHING. . .Read more