Why Is It So Difficult To Love Ourselves?

I think that the greatest conundrum we humans face is the conflict between who we really are and who we think we are. This conflict exists primarily on two levels – the human and the spiritual and I will address both. At the human level we are either unsure or are already convinced that we are unworthy. This is whoRead more

Giving Blessings

Giving Blessings

By Ross Bishop You’ve read about gratitude – it’s big on the coaching circuit these days. But blessing takes things to a whole other dimension. The Bible tells us that the first thing God did after creating Adam and Eve was to bless them. (Genesis 1:28) And in that same way, we are all indeed blessed: The Lord bless youRead more


Humans tend to segregate things into good and bad. We all make and hold judgments. We have issues with former lovers, business partners, co-workers, neighbors, former friends, parents, siblings, etc. We focus on the other people, but judgment is not about them at all. So long as you feel that you can be hurt, you will need your resentments andRead more