There is a great deal of confusion about the subject of affirmations and the “Law of Attraction.” People have been led to believe that if they just align their intention they can have almost anything they want. (The down side, of course, is that if it doesn’t work, it’s your fault, you are not doing it right.)

The problem with this kind of thinking is that it holds a certain amount of truth, providing shelter for its proponents, but at the same time, many of these theories (purposefully?) fail to take into consideration the larger issues involved, which often invalidate personal desires.

The first of these larger considerations is that the place within you that holds your real power, your wounded inner child, wants nothing to do with being at peace or losing weight or the thousand other things you the adult, might desire. She is in pain, afraid and alone and she is not about to let you sacrifice the comfort she gets from ice cream or let down her defenses long enough for you to be open with your friends or take the risk of having a real relationship. She holds all your power, and like it or not, until her wounds are healed, you aren’t going anywhere, affirmations or not.

Secondly, and related to the above, The Creator has set a learning task before each of us. And that learning task, in the short term, usually sits in opposition to the things our egos want. The reason it is contained in the above is that the foundation for our learning is established through our childhood experiences.

We want peace, contentment, abundance and satisfaction and The Creator wants us to surrender our egos in order to live as He has encouraged us to. But we are afraid to do that. We want the payoff without making the sacrifice necessary to get there. I don’t mean to sound like some fundamentalist wing-nut, but God has clearly said, “You can have all these things and more! Surrender your ego and come to Me (live in the God Space) and they will be yours!” He has promised this to us!

The problem is that we aren’t (yet) ready to surrender being “Me.” We fear the loss of self, the loss of control that is necessary to surrender and to live as Christ or St. Francis did. We feel as though we have so little already, and that we are being asked to give even that up. We have been taught to fear poverty and turn from living a simple life. We want stuff! We want cell phones and texting! Facebook and Twitter give us a sense of connection in an impersonal world! We are terrified of the prospect of being left out in the cold with only our faith to comfort us. We do not believe that God will take care of us, and we’re not about to find out!

The problem with not surrendering is that it leads to pain. It must. That is the way the world works. The pain comes in many forms – a lack of abundance, feeling unloved and alone, inner turmoil, depression, illness or disease and a host of other forms. These troubles are the consequences of an unsurrendered life.

Pain comes from being in resistance to what God has asked of us, and this is where affirmations and the “Law of Attraction” fail. The Universe is not going to let you off the hook when you have refused what is being asked of you. And many of our affirmations and prayers have exactly that quality. We say in effect, “Release me from my pain or my burdens–––.” Or, to paraphrase: “Give me the good stuff (like peace, abundance or joy) so that I don’t have to make the personal sacrifices necessary to let go of my ego.”

We want to dodge responsibility for our lessons. But God is not about to let us do that, simply because it would only make things worse for us! Until you change, you are only going to continue to accumulate pain, and jumping into abundance, for example, is a guaranteed way to create a train wreck. Read the stories of people who have won the lottery. By and large, their lives have turned into unmitigated disasters. You, of course, would do things differently. . . .

Now, so long as what you desire does not interfere with your reason for being here (to learn to release your ego), you are free to do whatever you wish – have abundance, live in peace, etc. But, many of these desires are ego based and therefore present a slippery slope.

But, the interesting thing is that once you release your ego, you’ll have everything you really desire – all automatically! You won’t have to do anything! And, until you release your ego, these things can be pretty difficult to come by, affirmations notwithstanding.

So, the one affirmation you could make is to bring yourself into alignment with the God Space, in other words, to release your ego. What does that look like? Get out your Bible and read how Christ taught us how to live. If you are a Muslim, read Muhammad’s Qur’anic passages written in Medina before he moved to Mecca. If you are Jewish, you have Moses’ teachings and all the other prophets to study. If you are a Hindu, read the Gita. If you are a Buddhist, study your Sutras. My point is that the “how” has been with us for quite some time.

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