Making Changes

Making Changes

And the one thing that stands out from all the rest is how strongly we resist making the changes that are asked of us. Most people have to get backed into a corner with no other way out, before they will make the changes that The Universe has been asking of them all along.

The Stages of Life

When Ramanaha Maharshi sought to explain life, he used the analogy of a movie. He described life as happening on a movie screen – fleeting, transient images that were not “real,” but gave the appearance of reality. “Reality,” he maintained, took place somewhere else. I want to expand a bit on Maharshi’s analogy. But instead of a movie, I’m goingRead more


There is a great deal of confusion about the subject of affirmations and the “Law of Attraction.” People have been led to believe that if they just align their intention they can have almost anything they want. (The down side, of course, is that if it doesn’t work, it’s your fault, you are not doing it right.) The problem withRead more