Your Inner Child II

Your Inner Child II

So you have trouble staying centered. In touchy situations you lose your calm. You get scared, feel anxious and become defensive. You sometimes do and say things you later regret. Similarly, when presented with opportunities to be compassionate, you sometimes hold back. You go as far as you can, but you are unable to love freely and openly. You becomeRead more

Sexual Abuse

The issue of our treatment of women has been an issue in society for some time. After all, like it or not, we live in what has historically been a patriarchy. But that is rapidly changing all around us. And changes of that magnitude usually do not happen without significant discord. Historically women have had to fight for every gainRead more

The Wounded Inner Child

Children don’t understand adult psychology. All a child knows is that the love she needs is there, but that it is also sometimes withheld; and she has no explanation as to why, other than it must have been something she did. She was just playing, but to mom she was too loud. She didn’t mind that her toys were allRead more

Depression: Part III

I am going to assume that you have in place a program to deal with the biochemical aspects of your depression. Without that, dealing with the depression is possible but as you probably know, it can be very difficult. Hopefully by now, the fog of depression has begun to lift for you. Depression is a defensive system designed to isolateRead more