No Wounds

I was in pain. The reasons aren’t important, the pain was. I had asked for help, and the response came calmly, without emotion and with great compassion. Had these words come from a fellow shaman or even some guru, I might have paused, but this was not the time for that. This insight needed to be accepted with all the reverence and respect I could muster, because it was coming directly from The Creator.

His/Her four simple words would tear at the very essence of my beingness and redefine my years of shamanic practice. I had spent those years healing my own wounds and helping others to heal theirs and in a few short words, The Creator would move me beyond my previous understanding to a more profound and insightful place. In four simple words He/She would challenge me to redefine how I saw myself and how I had seen life up to that point. The shift that He/She proposed could significantly impact everything that happened here on earth. What was the insight The Creator offered me? In the face of my pain, He/She simply said,

“There are no wounds.”

He/She was not denying my pain or my right to have it, but the message was it was my resistance, not the situation, that was hurting me. The Creator’s message was clear, the choice to hurt or not hurt was mine. It was perfectly OK to go into pain if that was what I needed to do, but it was also largely a waste of energy.

The underlying message was that I was engaged in a needless exercise. I was clinging to a mythology, to a set of beliefs that had no basis in reality. The truth is, none of us can be truly harmed. That is not to say that life doesn’t hurt, (and I am setting aside physical abuse here, because that operates under different principles), but it is because we cling to our egos and our beliefs of victimization and vulnerability, that we get hurt.

We bring our vulnerabilities to earth with us. It is what we come here to resolve. And until we move toward resolution, life can hurt like the devil! But it is an illusion caused not by your life situations but by your clinging to the beliefs that you attach to those situations.

There are some who will read these words and feel discounted by what I write. Today these people need their wounds, they need their pain. They feel vulnerable and need their hurt and anger in order to go on. I certainly did. I often felt that life was unfair and I needed my pain to stoke the fire that burned within me, that allowed me to survive. I also know that pain brings all of us to the place where we can change and grow.

I do not know where or when the turn-around was that allowed me to see my pain as the gift for learning that it was. I do not yet know what it takes for an individual to turn from a lifetime of hurt to see their woundings for the gifts they can be. It’s not easy and it takes a great deal of work. Do I have regrets? You bet! I have hurt people. And yet today I see the perfection of it all and know that things had to be exactly as they were in order for me to learn what I came here to do.

The same was true for them. I don’t like that I’ve hurt others. But here we are, all of us, locked in a grand embrace of perfect learning. It has taken me a while to embrace this truth, but I can be pretty stubborn. Things have changed a bit since 2012. Today it is easier for people to make changes in their lives than ever before. Even people who have been on the spiritual path a long time report making changes in months that took much longer before. I do not know what will happen for those who are still asleep.

Whatever path you choose, recognize that your pain comes from your reluctance to embrace and move with The Universe’s greater truth. It isn’t about “them,” and it isn’t about God, your pain is your creation. You are still clinging to the beliefs and behaviors that were created in your childhood. And even after you work on yourself, you still aren’t going to like the situation, but at the same time, it doesn’t have to cut you to the bone. After all,

“There are no wounds.”

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