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You are probably familiar with the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist who found that water reacts to our thoughts and emotions. Emoto would expose water to a thought and then take a picture of a single ice crystal of that water. And as I say, he learned that the water reacted to the thought, almost as though it were alive. . .

These are two images are of the same water before and after it was prayed over:


Or consider these three crystal images:

Here are a few more just to be sure you get the point:

So, we have clearly established that water carries the impact of our thoughts. Now, I don’t have a scientific analysis of the impact of all that on the body, but I think the effects are pretty obvious.

Let me ask, how many negative thoughts do you have in a day? How many stressful or unkind thoughts – every day?

And remember, you are 2/3 water.

Perhaps it’s time to consider starting a practice of gratitude, prayer and thanks!

Have a nice day!

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